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Comprehensively managed data transfers

Having the same data on-premise and in the cloud is key to the success of many projects in data-driven organizations. Adoki replicates large numbers of objects in a minimal amount of time and automatically transfers data between various systems such as databases, applications, data warehouses, and cloud platforms.

Adoki enables companies to replicate data between systems efficiently and allows users to have full control of the data, while maintaining its consistency and anonymity. It is a central application that manages and monitors data transfers to and from any data platform (on-premise or in the cloud). The data transfers are fast, effective, secure, and automatically optimized to achieve the highest possible computing power, without limiting the platforms’ operation.


1 person instead of a team

A single person can manage 5,000+ data transfers, allowing organizations to cut down on human resource costs

Dozens of TB

of data offloaded automatically

Why Adoki?

With Adoki, you can carry out rapid, effective transfers of any volume or breadth of data, alleviating the burden on your infrastructure and platforms. Our solution allows you to:

  • Replicate, synchronize, distribute, consolidate, migrate, snapshot and ingest data across major vendor systems
  • Automatically generate target schemas based on source metadata
  • Scale up to hundreds of sources and targets
  • Keep the consistency and integrity of complex data structures
  • Reduce the impact on source and target systems
  • Enjoy a quick and easy set-up, eliminating the need for manual coding
  • Easily configure data transformations, even during data transfers
  • Move data across enterprise on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments with real-time or batch processing
  • Centralize your monitoring and control with an intuitive GUI
  • Customize the modular solution to fit your organization’s processes

Benefits of Adoki for Business and IT


Data transfers are automatically optimized to function at the highest computing power without limiting platform operation


Data transfers are carried out quickly, minimizing time needed for the task


Consistency of data and data structures is ensured and maintained in both cloud and on-premise environments


Adoki’s modular architecture allows it to be easily integrated into an organization’s IT environment


All required data transfers are handled securely and reliably


Build/set up tables of any number and size, without any restrictions on formats or sources

How Adoki Works

Adoki is a platform built on open-source technologies. It can connect to any data storage using individual native solutions and connectors. Adoki automatically checks data schemas to ensure consistency. It also provides statistics and optimizes data transfers to minimize platform overload.

Users access Adoki through a web interface that allows them to:

  • Prepare data transfers
    Set what is to be transferred and how, plan when and how often to carry out the transfer, etc.
  • Manage data transfers
    Turn them on or off, change the priority of the transfer, monitor the progress of the transfer, set notifications about the progress, etc.
  • Audit data transfers
    Browse the transfer history, monitor statistics, check the platform usage, etc.

Supported systems


Adoki User Interface


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