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Digital Affinity Profiling

Maximize value of your customers at an individual level through Digital Affinity Profiling.

Leading organizations are going beyond personalizing messaging. This multifactorial analysis allows organizations to conduct micro-segmentation and develop communication and marketing programs tailored to the individual customer.  Building off the Customer Data Journey, this analysis can deliver additional information regarding the customers’ likelihood of churn, brand affinity, NPS, lifetime value, and the reasons behind channel preference or changes in channel preference. It can also support the Next Best Action in building that stronger connection with your customer. This information can then augment the effectiveness of CRM and CCE’s.

Anticipated Benefits:

  • Increased efficiency of Digital Assets
  • Optimized Digital Media plan
  • Greater conversion rates
  • Increased customer satisfaction & up-selling

For over 20+ years, Adastra has been helping organizations collect, curate, and analyze information to allow its customers to acquire, retain, and delight their customers.  Learn how Data Governance can help increase the value of your customer data here.

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