Digital Framework

Digital Governance

Digital Assets are living solutions that require Digital Governance to deliver sustainable outcomes.

The development and implementation of Digital Solutions needs to be agile, flexible, and timely.  While this is necessary to help the organization respond to time sensitive needs, the constant development of solutions will eventually begin to create sluggishness and diminishing results. Like Data Governance, the emerging practice of Digital Governance is designed to assist organizations with competencies and frameworks to create sustainable outcomes.

Digital Governance framework is the bridge between Digital Strategy and Digital Execution. The framework is adaptive to each organization’s unique environment and guides the organization to become proficient in the following 4 tenants of Digital Governance:

  • Customer/User Experience
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Digital Asset Ownership & Management
  • Digital Innovation

For over 20+ years, Adastra has been guiding organizations through the development and implementation of Governance frameworks. This critical organizational element is the differentiator between data driven organizations and aspiring data driven organizations. See how Data Governance complements Digital Governance to provide organizations with a sustainable path to value generation.

Avoid Digital Pollution with Digital Governance (669.0kb)

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Extract value and minimize Digital Pollution with Digital Governance.

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