Digital Transformation

Digital Maturity Assessment

Prioritizing Your Organization's Digital Maturity

Digitally Mature organizations are more inclined to succeed in the coming years as digital transformation and deployment becomes the new norm and consumer and employee preferences turn to virtual technologies.

To understand where your organization is in its digital maturity and how it can be improved, take our digital maturity assessment. You will have the opportunity to schedule an in-depth consultation with our experts to review your results and receive best practices and recommendations, specific for your organization.

What You'll Take Away

In-Depth Report

Understand your current position on the digital maturity spectrum

Next Steps

Understand next steps you should take to improve your Digital Maturity


Free consultation to learn about best practices and trends in your industry


Learn why your digital maturity is vital to maintaining your organizational health

Your Digital Maturity Spectrum

Adastra's Digital Maturity Assessment will rate you on 6 factors, Technology, Insights & Measurements, Customer Engagement, Strategy & Leadership, Operations & Processes, and Culture, Talent & Structure, determining where you fall across the Digital Maturity Spectrum  and your organization's archetype.

  1. Initiator: Organization is restricted both by digital capabilities and strategic alignment.
  2. Conformer: Little or no digital capabilities with strong direction and alignment from the enterprise.
  3. Improviser: Vigorously executing digital initiatives without clear alignment to the business or value.
  4. High performer: Executing digital initiatives that deliver a strategic impact with full support from the organization.

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Adastra's Digital Maturity assessment is a free tool used for organizations to gain an understanding of their position on the Digital Maturity spectrum. Although your report is based  best practices, organizations are recommended not to implement any strategic changes without consulting Adastra prior, to ensure technologies and processes fit within the clients' digital ecosystem.