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1guard: Real Time Tracking via IoT

Optimize your logistic processes and guarantee successful delivery to your customers

A lot can happen while your goods are in transit. Certain products are sensitive to environmental factors like temperature, humidity, light, or movement. Constant visibility into your supply chain logistics can not only allow you to track where your products are at all times, but also whether they are safe from potentially harmful conditions that can cause breakage, damage, or losses. Real-time information can help you avoid bottlenecks and stock outs so you can optimize your supply chain and ensure successful delivery.

What is 1guard?

1guard is a unique multi-sensor device with integrated wireless IoT connectivity in a compact box that can be attached to any secondary packaging (pallet, box, cage, container, trolley, etc.) or on the goods itself to track the complete product logistics journey. The 1guard smart sensor application delivers real-time alerts about incidents beyond pre-set parameters and captures telemetry data for trend analysis, predictive analytics, dashboards, and reporting.

The 1guard solution is fully customizable, and the hardware, firmware, and IoT platform can be tailored based on the unique requirements of an organization.

Core Product Features


The 1guard device includes multiple sensors that capture different data aspects of your products’ logistics journey. It can be customized to add or remove features and functionalities. Some of the features include:

  • Accelerometer for movement detection, jolt, shock, and tilt detection
  • Thermometer for temperature detection
  • Light sensor to check when the package has been opened
  • Hygrometer for air humidity
  • Contact switch to monitor tampering or unauthorized manipulation
  • OCR Application for way-bill upload
  • RFID/UWB for objects identification
  • Indoor and Outdoor localization

How 1guard Works

The 1guard sensor device and the integrated application capture data (location, temperature, tilt, jolt, shock, manipulation, etc.) along the supply chain. This data is transmitted in real-time to the IoT platform. The transmission occurs over an IoT network like Sigfox, GSM, UWB, or even over Wi-Fi. Lower power IoT networks like Sigfox ensure that the 1guard device does not use excessive power while transmitting data and prolong its battery life and longevity.

Adastra has designed the IoT platform as a hub to process, store, and manage data. The collected data can then be integrated with web or mobile platforms and apps or can be displayed via custom dashboards and reports. Notifications can be set up to provide real-time alerts, and the data can be leveraged for AI and predictive modeling use cases.

The data from 1guard can easily be incorporated on the Azure Native environment and integrates seamlessly with Azure tools and services. This enables analytics on Azure Synapse Analytics and BI and reporting through Power BI.


1guard is available in both device-only and solution-as-a-service models. In the latter model, Adastra can help organizations not only capture data, but also extract valuable insights from it. Our data and analytics experts can provide services for data storage, management, and integration, and can design and build custom models to predict and optimize your supply chain logistics. Adastra’s Business Intelligence team can help you set up dashboards and reports to understand and visualize your data.


Benefits of Using 1guard

Guaranteed successful delivery and prevention of product damage or theft

Complete tracking of product journey with incidents notification

IoT digitalization with scalable processes

Transparent logistic processes and improved efficiencies

Reduced cost and waste

Better utilization of pallets and packaging

Battery-powered mobile IoT device with wireless connectivity

Driving circular solutions and reducing carbon footprint

Want to leverage the power of IoT for better visibility into your supply chain logistics? Speak to our experts about 1guard.

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