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Expand your digital presence and tap into a larger audience with eCommerce apps.

Increased digital adoption among the masses has resulted in a major shift in customer buying behavior, and most businesses have seen customer traffic move away from physical stores and on to digital channels. The rise of eCommerce has made it essential for retail businesses to adapt, so they can capitalize on the “online” customer base. A website is a great place to start, but why limit your business reach to just a physical store and website?

An eCommerce app is a great expansion to your services as it allows you to reach more people, increase sales, improve customer loyalty, and build brand awareness.

Adastra can help you create apps can for both Android/iOS devices, giving your customers a seamless experience on their mobile device of choice.

Core Product Features

  • Build a complete portfolio of your website, with options for filtering/searching fields.
  • Provide personalized content, suggestions, and targeted offers.
  • Increase know-your-customer (KYC) information with integrations to analytics tools.

Benefits of Adastra's eCommerce App solutions


Full integration with your loyalty program

Targeted Offers

Exclusive targeted offers for your customers

Predictive Analysis

In combination with our unique AI/Machine Learning technology


Expand your digital presence with eCommerce apps.

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