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Streamline reporting of retail incidents to ensure a better, safer retail environment for employees.

Incidents occur in nearly all organizations, whether it be at the store front or in the warehouse, but the incident reporting process often leaves room for improvement. Incidentee was designed to digitize the incident management process by compiling the concept into a concrete and customizable tablet application.

Employees can scan the barcodes of products or take a picture of the product and upload the report to the server for the purpose of further analysis.

  • Incident reporting is a critical part of managing stores.
  • Safety and better visibility into store operations.
  • Link back incidents to inventory management
  • Employee-friendly case reporting
  • Increase data quality to take better actions to minimize loss prevention and employee safety.

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Core Product Features

  • Data Quality (DQ) features for consistent inputs
  • Leverage Universal Product Code/Barcodes (UPC) metadata for easy pre-fill
  • Enhance reports with pictures and documents through OCR technology
  • All integrated in the back end for seamless reporting

Benefits of Using Incidentee


Create incident reports quickly and easily from the application and view existing reports for editing purposes


Easily prepare reports with embedded device functions to scan and prefill any of the required information


Aggregate information easily for Head Office reporting


Reduce your reliance on paper and manual processes for incident reporting and increase data quality.

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