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Enhance customer experience and brand loyalty with a new channel for up-selling and direct communication with customers.

Retaining an existing customer has a 4x return versus acquiring a new customer. Understanding your customers and having continuous interaction is the key to maintaining and strengthening brand awareness. The Loyalty App is meant for companies to reach their customers directly on their mobile devices.

Send your customers personalized offers and reward insights based on their usage and provide additional functionalities such as creating shopping lists, finding the closest stores, and gamify ways to interact with your customers.


Benefits of Adastra's Loyalty App solution

Targeted campaigns

Understand customer demographics and behaviors, for micro-marketing and targeted campaigns.

Brand loyalty

Build and support a strong personal connection to your brand, with rewards and personalized offers.

Real-time communication

Have a direct communication channel with your customers; keep them informed anytime, anywhere.

Personalized shopping experience

Improve overall shopping experience and provide personalization, with customizable dashboards.


Increase customer engagement and retention with Loyalty apps.

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