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Bring all your Digital Solutions into a singular point of contact for easy data integration and seamless data workflows.

At Adastra, we understand that each customer is on their own individual Digital Transformation journey. Stockeero is a singular point that connects digital retail organizations and provides a powerful suite of applications for optimizing current workflow, increase productivity and better customer experience.

This internal application suite allows employees and head offices to view the placement of goods for each store, giving them the insights needed to improve the customers’ shopping experience and maximize profit. It also offers functionality that allows employees to check the product's availability in the store and the upcoming delivery information from the selected store. Moreover, store staff and customers can check out the product and allergen information with an intuitive AR scanner.

Stockeero is a hub that encompasses different modules together into one. Stockeero can work with each module collaboratively or separately as a standalone solution.

Core Product Features

Stockeero allows organizations to quickly upgrade to the latest versions of Digital solutions, and seamlessly integrates legacy and new digital solutions. It also allows for end-to-end data flow along all major workflows of the retail environments.

  • Planograms and stock fulfilment connected to inventory management
  • Integration of paper and digital workflows in systems and BI tools
  • Store and shelf navigation for easy product identification and fulfilment
  • AR scanner for expiration date, product and allergen information
  • AR navigation embedded with marketing promotion campaign
  • Store Walk for store quality maintenance
  • Incident case management reporting

How Stockeero connects


Benefits of Using Stockeero

Time Efficiency

View information quickly on demand

Real-Time Information

The application allows for real-time data exchange


Elimination of paper-based solution; fully integrated

Stockeero allows for better management of in-store activities, enabling great customer experience and resulting in increased profitability.

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