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Store Walk

Increase employee accountability through enhanced Digital Workflows.

When it comes to store management, some tasks can be monotonous and repetitive. However, this does not make these tasks any less important, and shortcuts taken by employees can lead to a sub-optimal customer experience.

Adastra’s Store Walk solution is an easy tool to help employees accomplish tasks through a seamless integration of workflows.

The solution helps the management understand which tasks can be improved/changed for better employee engagement leading to great customer experiences in-store. It also provides store managers with easy-to-use dashboards to keep track of the status of each task, and any issues that may arise. The solution brings traceability and transparency for store managers and staff to maintain store quality and improve customer experience.

Core Product Features

  • Task gamification
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface for effortless input
  • Easy communication of management priorities (planogram change, pricing changes, features)

Benefits of Using Store Walk


Instantaneous Workflow updates


Task sharing

Enhanced Customer Experience

Task status tracking to maintain store quality


Create the optimal retail environment for your shoppers with Store Walk.

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