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Reduce costs and manual processes, with Formato to accelerate digital transformation.

Create simpler data flow through your business processes and applications with Adastra’s Formato. A digital solution will ensure robust data flows and increase data quality that will have a significant downstream impact on customer satisfaction. Adastra strives to help organizations with their business processes, whether internal or external, and Formato provides a digital solution to phase out outdated paper-based forms. Gone are the days of pages and pages of lengthy, error-prone application forms, instead welcome the new digital form.

Adastra's Digital Solutions Offer - Formato (359.3kb)

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What is Formato?

The Formato digital application is designed to help organizations that are on their digital transformation journey and are looking to create a better experience both internally and externally.

Formato works by converting your traditional paper-based application into a modern customizable solution for iOS/Android and Windows.

Core Product Features

  1. Robust Data Modeling: Leverages best in class technology including AI, ML, security
  2. Integration: Integrates with all critical datasets (MDM, ERP, Marketing Automation Engines, Analytics Models)
  3. Adaptable: Depending on the organization’s technical, regulatory, and system requirements, this solution can adapt while maintaining its robustness
  4. Holistic Overview: Aggregate multiple datasets into one place giving you a tailored overview of your data. Providing convenience and simplification, with benefits like push notifications for status updates
  5. 24/7: Work Anywhere, Anytime

Build a Formato Tailored to your Needs

Our product enables users to customize many features to make the application experience effective and efficient. Choose from:


Benefits of Using Formato


Increases efficiency and speed of workflows, data quality and security. Reduced paper consumption results in added cost-savings.


Creates simplicity for business users, increases engagement and satisfaction, thus improving brand loyalty and retention

End User

Deliver an unforgettable user experience, thanks to the solution's efficiency, time-savings, and transparency.

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