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Emerging Technologies

Pave the way for innovation within your industry with emerging technologies.

From increasing security within your supply chain to using speech recognition to safeguard your organization from fraud, leverage these emerging technologies to solve the complex problems of today’s enterprises.


Adastra develops blockchain solutions, with the ability to effectively resolve security issues within your database. The technology leverages a decentralized database composed of a chain of "blocks" which are cryptographically linked to each other using a hash value. A change to content would result in a direct change to the hash as well as the hashes of the following block, creating a transparent environment where no change will go unseen. With a decentralized database, blockchain technology is not only secure, but automatically grants access to all ledger parties, ensuring your data is transparent, reliable and a definite source of trust.


Effectively avoid breaches and malicious activities with a decentralized database and powerful encryption mechanisms.


Ensuring transparency and reliability, as your data is distributed to all parties of the ledger and grants instant access to specific information.


Securely streamline each transaction. With a single digital ledger, there is no need for third-party intervention.


Enhance auditability as data is stored, validated and tracked. Data on the blockchain is accountable since it is immutable in nature.


Significantly improve data entry and extraction from paper documents with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the process of converting scanned print documents or images with text into digital text formats. Relying solely on print documents proposes several challenges, including tedious information search and unsecured storage. With the power of OCR, you will be able to efficiently convert print to text, allowing for easier traceability, searchability and editability. Additionally, an OCR solution will free your employees from manual transcription, saving on both time and costs.


Ensuring robust traceability, digital documents can be easily edited and re-formatted, depending on the task at hand.


Digital documents are highly accessible, making information look-up quick and efficient.

Storage Optimization

Improves both security and safety of high-stake documents, while reducing the need for physical storage space.


Reduces the need for manual transcription, reducing time and costs.

Voice Biometrics

Make things more comfortable for your clients when you verify their identity over the phone, and save them from having to remember passwords and access codes. Doing so requires only their voice, which is as unique as a fingerprint. The voice-biometrics algorithm listens and compares more than a thousand distinct speech characteristics, making the entire verification process significantly more reliable, faster, and more pleasant.


Voice biometrics recognizes even the slightest differences, so you can still verify your client’s identity in the event of a change in their speech.

Vocal Passwords

With vocal passwords, you can compare predefined sentences with a stored voice sample from the client, surpassing traditional passwords.

Real-time Verification

With continuous-voice-analysis, identity verification is carried out in real-time, allowing for less hassle and a more natural conversation.

Fraud Detection

Make fraud detection easy. Voice recognition is a suitable solution for recognizing problematic clients and detecting fraudulent behavior.

Additional Technologies

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