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AI-Powered Chatbots

Customer Experience (CX) is amid a revolution as B2C organizations recognize that in order to retain their immense client base, they create streamlined and effortless purchasing experience. By mimicking the direct customer-seller relationships with AI-powered chatbots, organizations can offer instant customer service, and an overall improved CX, supporting the customer wherever they are on their purchasing journey.

With our 20 years of expertise in data analytics, enriched with our cutting-edge UX/UI and mobile development capabilities, Adastra provides digital solutions that will help you actualize a personalized and highly efficient CX. Leveraging your repository of aggregated customer data, working together, our data scientists and UX/UI designers deploy solutions that cater your organizations messaging to each of your customers as well as providing specific information needed to take the next step in each of their unique buying journeys.

Our Solution

Reducing the need for human involvement, while increasing customer satisfaction is top of mind for industry leaders. Our AI-powered chatbots, go beyond responding to simple commands, providing each user with the information they need, without ever realizing they are speaking to a machine. Adastra’s chat bot solutions are effectively executed through machine learning (ML), natural-language processing (NLP), and sentiment analysis, ensuring an optimal CX, while constantly improving itself with each interaction. Our chat bot solutions are tailored to your unique use case, allowing for integration across mobile and web, powering your brand identity and sales objectives.

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