Better Care For Your Greatest Asset.

You would do anything to protect your business, so why not start with managing your data right?

Identify the responsibilities and processes for standardizing, integrating, safeguarding and storing your corporate data with Data Governance. Implement solutions to support compliance, using Reference Data Management to minimize risk and establish internal rules, reducing errors. 


of executives agree that inaccurate data hampers an organisation's ability to provide excellent customer experience.  

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Adastra has a wealth of knowledge and experience in implementing Data Governance strategies to take care of your data. Traditional methods and architectures are becoming obsolete. We are continuously innovating and building new solutions to handle the volume and complexities of ever-growing data in the digital world. We leverage our expertise to provide leadership and guidance, bringing your data to life.

Our People

Krasen Paskalev

EVP Delivery and Expertise

Strategic thinker and mentor. Growing Adastra’s expertise and a team of experts.

Rahim Hajee

Chief Technology Strategy Officer

Executive Strategist, focusing on data and analytics advantages across the enterprise.

Mark Kohout

Practice Lead, Governance and Digital Transformation

Maker of bespoke governance solutions that enable data-driven business and drive digital transformation

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