Master Data Management

Accurate. Consolidated. Accessible. On Time.

Fragmented views of your enterprise data can cause duplicated, inconsistent, often incomplete information that delivers inaccurate results. With data increasingly directing enterprises' strategic direction and being leveraged to dictate how and when organizations interact with their clients, it is essential that your data is complete, accessible, and in a single place.

By executing an enterprise-wide Master Data Management strategy, your corporations can develop and maintain a "single version" of truth for critical information that is the core of your corporation. Processes, policies, people, and technologies are all aligned around the creation and maintenance of information, ensuring that data is available and ready to be leveraged for important insights and decisions.

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Benefits Of Master Data Management

Consistent and Complete

Consistent, complete, and up-to date information is used across the enterprise

360 Degree View

Consolidated information with full traceability and visibility to its relationships across the enterprise

Strengthening Market Penetration

Effective marketing campaigns through the understanding of the customer's footprint


Have complete trust in leveraging a single source of consolidated enterprise data, across your organization

Creating a Master Data Management Center of Excellence

Adastra's experience in establishing MDM center of excellence and implementations are based on a three-fold approach:

 1) Future-State Roadmap

  •  Assessing current state 
  • Defining and reviewing MDM Governance-related artifacts (such as rules, methodologies, policies, standards, processes, procedures, and culture) 

2) Design and Setup

  • Developing and maintaining the operating model, framework, strategy, architecture, and implementation plan
  • Defining the spheres of accountability and responsibility for the data owners, data stewards, and overall change management

3) Support and Empowerment

  • Establishing an MDM Governance committee to coordinate, collaborate, and validate artifacts

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Adastra offers an extensive history of utilizing our tried, tested, and Gartner Recognized methodologies to deploy successful MDM solutions. Request a free discovery to learn how we can help accelerate your implementation.

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