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Modern Data Estates are essential for optimal Data and AI solutions. Leading organizations turn to Managed Services Providers to ensure that their complex Modern Data Estate are responsive and resilient.

Managed Service Providers are specialized third-party vendors that can help your organization by monitoring and managing your infrastructure, platforms, and solutions. This allows you to focus on more strategic and high value initiatives instead of IT functions.

Adastra Managed Services specializes in operating and supporting Data and AI solutions. Our primary goal is to help enable our clients’ strategic objectives and provide them with peace of mind, while we look after the health and performance of their mission-critical data platforms. Adastra focuses on 3 key areas:


Infrastructure – This includes management of physical services, virtual machines, storage, networks, firewalls, and more.

Platform – This includes managing a variety of your platforms including operating systems, web servers, databases, ESB, messaging, Big data (Hadoop) and DevOps.

Solution/Function – This includes business solutions such as CRM, ERP, data warehouse, master data management, and reporting and analytics. It can also include an entire IT function, such as the data warehouse environment.

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Security:  Data security is increasingly top of mind. Cloud environments offer a significant advantage of Data Security through enhanced encryption.  With Adastra’s Managed Services, we provide Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), allowing rapid, effective responses to environment and security events.

Application Maintenance & Enhancements:  We provide peace of mind to clients through our ability to enhance and optimize solutions, keeping them current and effective in an ever-changing business environment. We implement changes via a formal change management process and can work according to client’s Development Lifecycles (SLDC), or through a formalized and structured SDLC, compatible within a DevOps framework.

Microsoft:  Adastra is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Direct CSP and on track to become an Expert Managed Services Provider. Adastra has won the Microsoft IMPACT awards for 2019 and 2020.  For more information on Adastra’s collaboration with Microsoft, please see the Microsoft Case Study.

Compliance: As a PCI-DSS and SOC2 T2 compliant support organization, our support engineers understand the requirements and possess the expertise to maintain operational resilience. Adastra is also ISO27001 certified.

Turnkey support for your Data and AI environments, enabling you to focus on your business strategy.

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