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Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

How Adastra enables your Data and AI solutions on the Cloud

Your organization has committed to invest in a Modern Data Estate to unlock true value from your data and AI solutions. Microsoft Azure is foundational to your Cloud architecture. 

As an IT group, your role is to ensure that this environment is stable and that your internal clients can deliver with excellence. The critical step to enabling your organization’s success and delivery on strategy is having the right cloud management strategy.


Often, the skills and breadth of talent to support this requires a step change in IT resources. Failing to do so makes the organization susceptible to security issues, data recovery issues and costly downtime via poor environment resiliency.

As a 1-Tier CSP, Adastra has the required cloud expertise and knowledge to ensure your Data and AI solutions perform as designed. Our support structure will fill in the gaps, supporting your environment to maximize security, scalability, and performance while at the same time minimize costs and downtime.

Our Cloud Solution Provider Offer (293.1kb)

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Optimized Management

Following Adastra’s Crawl, Walk, Run approach, we will guide you from assessment to deployment to optimization and provide an easy path to your Cloud journey on Azure. Our team of experts will help you identify and implement all opportunities for transforming workloads.

Scalability and Flexibility

Gain scalability and flexibility with endless computing power, storage, and services on Azure

Cost Optimization

Optimize costs through ensuring the mix of resources, services, and configurations match current and future demand

Security and Compliance

Ensure best practices for security and compliance requirements

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