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Your AWS solutions provider in your Digital Transformation Journey.

As data becomes an increasingly central function to your organization’s health and resiliency, you require a solution that provides the ability to scale, transform, and enhance your data. Adastra is your Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions provider, assisting you in each stage of your Cloud migration, ensuring your organization's growth and agility. 

Adastra offers your organization the skill and experience to modernize your data estate on AWS. Whether you are looking to migrate, re-host, re-architect, or re-factor, we will deliver a fast, cost-effective, and scalable platform allowing for value creation from all your data. Based on your unique set of needs and data prioritizations, we will help you assess, roadmap, and execute your project, offering enhanced features such as: 


Without proper understanding, guidance, and the right resources, working with your company’s data can feel like an uphill battle. As your specialized AWS service provider, Adastra will assist you in your Digital Transformation Journey. With Adastra’s support and expertise, effortlessly scale and advance your organization on AWS, effectively increasing collaboration and productivity across your operation. 

Adastra offers a myriad of solutions from Cloud Migration and Analytics to Data Science and Governance as an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, including but not limited to: 

  • Data Discovery & Analytics 
  • Data Quality 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Data Lake Build 
  • Data Engineering 
  • Cost Optimization 

Your business may be taking its first steps towards a Digital Transformation and contemplating Cloud for more cost-efficient and flexible management of your data. You may be right in the heart of your transformation and have an established platform that is no longer agile enough to meet your growing data requirements. Regardless of where you are in your Digital Transformation journey, Adastra’s specialists will guide you through a seamless process of amalgamating AWS platform services with our robust solutions, ensuring your pertinent data challenges are met head-on and successfully overcome. 

Modernize Your Data Estate

Your organization's data is an invaluable asset that plays a key role in analytics and generating insights. The solutions you deploy should be flexible and scalable to support advanced data analytics use cases, as well as ensuring data democratization. 

Adastra has the expertise to support you as your organization embarks on its data estate modernization journey. With AWS solutions and our dedicated expertise, we can help completely modernize your data estate, right from data storage and governance to visualization and analytics, so that you can extract the most value out of your data and drive your business forward. 

Moreover, Adastra’s extensive experience in modernizing data estates makes us the ideal partner to help you in democratizing your data to make it readily available to end-users. We understand that data-driven decision-making is key at various levels in your organization, and by enabling users to access and analyze data through a user-friendly interface, you can make the most of data across your organization. 

Read our success story to learn how data estate modernization helped AstraZeneca improve data-driven decision-making. 


AWS Redshift

Where legacy systems and other Cloud platforms may hinder organizations with limited flexibility and high cost of storage, AWS provides: 

  • Infinite scale with low cost so you can focus on value and solving new problems 

  • Well-established best practices, including architecture and tools enabling massive data volumes in a short timeframe 

  • Reduced dependency on IT Groups by leveraging robust self-service capabilities 

  • Serverless services that ease infrastructure management, including provisioning, monitoring, scaling, availability, etc., allowing you to quickly move to the next use case 

  • High-grade security to protect your data assets 

Learn More About AWS Redshift.

AWS Lambda

Automate repeatable tasks to save time and money with AWS Lambda. Lambda provides:

  • Automatic scaling to your workload
  • A pay-for-what-you-use structure
  • Serverless computing – no need for maintenance, infrastructure management or hosting 
  • Easy integration with other AWS services

Learn more about AWS Lambda.

ETL Migration to AWS Glue

Where on-premises ETL solutions lack scalability, affordability and flexibility, AWS Glue provides: 
•    A simple way to prepare data for analytics, machine learning, and application development
•    Serverless ETL migration with no infrastructure to set up or manage 
•    Cost savings – only pay for the resources consumed while your jobs are running 
•    Efficient and scalable data integration with automated ETL jobs that can be triggered based on a schedule or event

Learn more about ETL migration to AWS Glue.

Forget the constraints of your database and migrate your data to a best of breed database at AWS in less than 4 weeks. 

Accelerate your cloud journey with the AWS Migration Acceleration Program. 

Migrate Your Data To An AWS Serverless Data Lake in Less Than 4 Weeks (232.2kb)

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