Accelerate innovation with unified analytics on the cloud.

Adastra will help you enable high performance data processing with Databricks, bolstering your AI and ML workloads on the Cloud. As Microsoft’s Commercial Enterprise Partner of the Year, we help you architect, process, and launch your data platform to accelerate your Digital Transformation and predictive applications on.

Benefits of Databricks

  • Workloads align to big data 3V scenarios
  • High performance analysis
  • Enterprise scale collaboration / management of workloads is needed
  • Durable reporting datasets in Azure
  • Scale dynamically to workload demands
  • Ability to process data / perform analytics using SQL, Scala, R, Python, and Spark ML

As preferred partner for both Microsoft Azure and AWS, Adastra will help you implement a scalable and robust platform on the cloud, utilizing Databricks. Contact our experts to find out if Databricks is right for you and your Digital Transformaiton Journey or sign up for our introductory offer today. 

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