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Migrate To Azure With Peace Of Mind

If you're considering a migration to the Cloud, you know that the journey is not straightforward. Your organization requires a solution that is tailored to meet current and future needs as your business expands; and a partner with the platform expertise and thought leadership to execute without a fault.  

Adastra offers end-to-end services to guarantee the success of your migration and the ability to leveraging of your Data on Azure. Through 50+ implementations,  we have developed a set of best practices and accelerators to deliver trusted results faster.  As Azure continues to prove it’s industry leading position in speed, scale, integration, and efficiency, Adastra continues to prove why we are Microsoft Canada’s leading partner for Data and AI driven Digital Transformation, on the Cloud. 

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Our Approach



Inventory database assets, and application stack discovery


Assess workloads and fix recommendations


Convert the source schema to work in the target environments


Migration Schema, Data & Objects 

Migrate the source schema and data to the target

Sync Data

For minimal downtime, sync target schema & data with the source


For minimal downtime, cut over from the source to target environment


Remediate Application 

Iteratively make any necessary changes to your applications

Perform Tests

Iteratively run functional and performance tests.

Optimize Tests

Based on the tests performed, address any performance issues, and retest to confirm improvements.

Why Adastra


Adastra has a suite of accelerators from 50+ cloud migrations to ensure your project is completed with efficiency and success.

Leading Partner

Adastra is a leading Azure partner as Microsoft's go-to partner for Data & AI Driven Digital Transformation on the Cloud

Customer First Approach

Adastra works closely with our clients to ensure solutions are tailored to their unique requirements and preferences

Future-Proof Solutions

Adastra develops solutions designed to meet the current and future needs of your organization

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